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Great Southern Treasures

a region of Western Australia Explore the attractions

Discover hidden treasures

in the Great Southern Plan your itinerary

A remarkable journey

through the Great Southern Plan your itinerary

Immerse yourself in the Great Southern of Western Australia, a region famed for its biodiversity, wildflowers, rich farming history and warm country charm.

From mountain ranges to wide open spaces, from grand old homesteads to luxurious hotel suites, from mouth-watering fresh produce to award-winning wines, the Great Southern has something for everyone. Take the road less travelled and visit this incredible tourist destination on your next trip south from Perth.

Whats On

Holland Track commemorative tours

June 2019

Escorted 4WD tours along the Holland Track from Albany via Broomehill & Hyden to Coolgardie & the goldfields.

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Whats On

Art Exhibition

May 30 to June 14

The Katanning Gallery is please to host an exhibition show casing the amazing work achieved at the Katanning Arts & Craft Society. Come in and see water colour paintings, pottery, quilt making, card making, jewellery, knitting and much more. All of it created here in Katanning by our local artists and crafts people. Inspired? There will also be an opportunity to join the society.

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Festivals & Events

ส่งเงินบาทไทย เกมได้เงินจริง ไม่ฝาก

Explore the towns that lie within the Great Southern region, and discover the diverse attractions that make these places so special.

Tambellup Gnowangerup Nyabing Pingrup Ongerup Borden Bluff Knoll Porongurup Mt Barker Narrikup Kendenup Tenterden Cranbrook Frankland River Rocky Gully Muradup Kojonup Woodanilling Katanning Broomehill

The Great Southern Region of Western Australia is a top tourist destination featuring many natural scenic attractions, wildlife, heritage, wildflowers and genuine country hospitality

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